Revolutionary group calls on parliament to enact 'disfranchisement law'

Ahram Online, Tuesday 10 Apr 2012

Revolutionary Youth Coalition calls on Parliament to push through draft legislation excluding remnants of Mubarak regime from political life in reaction to former vice-president Omar Suleiman's presidential bid

Omar Solieman And Ahmed Shafik
Former VP Omar Sulieman (L) And former PM Ahmed Shafiq (R)

The Revolutionary Youth Coalition (RYC) has joined calls on Tuesday to re-establish the "Disfranchisement Law", which would forbid members of the former regime from running for presidency, in a Facebook message addressed to the parliamentary speaker, Mohamed Saad El-Katatni.

The draft legislation was initially proposed by moderate Islamist Al-Wasat Party Member of Parliament (MP) Essam Sultan in Sunday's parliamentary session. It is based on a 1954 law which banned remnants of the then overthrown monarchical regime from running for political office for at least ten years, following the 1952 Revolution.

The issue was raised in response to the rejection by a number of MPs and revolutionary groups of the decision by former intelligence chief and Mubarak's vice-president Omar Suleiman to run for presidency.

If a presidential candidate has been working in a senior position of Mubarak's government for the last five years, they are considered remnants of the former regime.

Therefore depending on the confirmed time period, the law may also exclude ex-prime minister Ahmed Shafiq and former deputy director of intelligence Lieutenant General Hossam Khairallah from the race.

Presidential candidate Amr Moussa, however, would not be affected by the law, as he left his post of minister of Foreign Affairs in 2001 to become secretary-general of the Arab League. 

"As an Egyptian citizen, I ask parliament to protect the revolution, which it was a product of in the first place," the RYC message stated. The statement further added, "We want to remind you of the martyrs of our glorious revolution, who are your greatest responsibility."

The RYC also stated that the draft law has been long overdue. Prohibiting former remnants of the Mubarak-era regime running for the presidential elections, they added, should have been a priority during parliament's first sessions.

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