Chairman of Egypt's Zamalek Mortada Mansour loses seat in parliament, businessman El-Sallab wins

Gamal Essam El-Din , Monday 9 Nov 2020

Semi-official figures show that Mansour lost his seat in parliament after coming third in Meit Ghamr district's election.

MP and Zamalek Chairman Mortada Mansour (Ahram)

Mortada Mansour, Egypt's most controversial lawyer and chairman of El-Zamalek sporting club, has lost the seat of his constituency Meit Ghamr in the Nile-delta governorate of Daqahliya, according to a semi-official vote tally.

Mansour, who ran as an independent, got 21,271 votes only, coming third after two Mostaqbal Watan Party candidates Ahmed El-Alfy - 31,578 votes - and Ahmed Metwalli Radi - 22,972 votes. El-Alfy and Radi have qualified for the run-off round scheduled to be held on 7-8 December.

Mansour, who joined parliament for the first time in 2005, is well known in political and sporting circles for his fiery comments and swipes against public figures. Mansour and his son Ahmed won two seats in 2015's parliamentary elections, but both lost in this year's election.

Mansour's antagonists always asked that he be stripped of parliamentary immunity so that they can file libel lawsuits against him.

Other preliminary results of the second stage of Egypt's parliamentary elections, held in 13 governorates, also show that two businessmen Mohamed Mostafa El-Sallab and Tarek Shoukri, both Mostaqbal Watan Party candidates, won the two seats of East Cairo's Nasr City and Heliopolis.

While El-Sallab, a ceramics business tycoon, got 91,078 votes, Shoukri, a real estate businessman, won 69,990 votes. Amr El-Sonbati, chairman of Heliopolis Sporting Club, and lawyer Samar Fouda, have qualified for a run-off round.

Another businessman Akmal Qortam, chairman of the Conservatives Party, was able to qualify for a second run-off round after getting 24,000 votes in South Cairo's Basatin and Dar El-Sallam district. Qortam, chairman of Sahara oil company, will battle it out against two independent candidates: Ali El-Wanees - 21,400 votes - and Khaled Fahmi - 10,600 votes.

Ahmed El-Tantawi and Diaa El-Din Dawoud, two leftist candidates affiliated with the 25-30 group, were also able to qualify for a run-off round in Kafr El-Sheikh and Damietta respectively.

Semi-official figures also show that the Mostaqbal-Watan-led National List coalition won 142 seats from two party list districts: Cairo and North, Middle, and South Delta - 100 seats - and Eastern Delta - 42 seats.

The National List won most of the constituencies in the two districts with wide margins ahead of two rival blocs: the Sons of Egypt and the Alliance of Independents.

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