Spat on live TV over Suleiman ends with political guests walking out

Ahram Online, Saturday 14 Apr 2012

MP Essam Sultan and the Nour Party spokesperson Nader Bakar walked out of the studio, refusing to sit with Omar Suleiman’s presidential campaigners, whom Sultan called 'killers'

Essam Sultan
MP Essam Sultan (Photo:Reuters)

A live spat on the Egyptian independent channel, Dream TV, erupted between Al-Wasat Party MP Essam Sultan and host Hafez El-Marazy. Sultan confronted El-Marazy because he hadn't advised him that there would be several members from Omar Suleiman's presidential campaign.

Sultan said he refused to sit down with “killers” whom he faced in Tahrir Square in bloody clashes during the 2011 uprising.

The Salafist Nour Party’s spokesperson, Nader Bakar, also said he was not told Suleiman’s campaigners would be attending.

When El-Marazy did not apologise to Sultan for not telling him, his tone became more aggressive as he repeatedly described Suleiman as a “killer.”

Suleiman’s campaigners, consequently, threatened to file a complaint to the prosecutor general against Sultan, who refused to reneg the accusations.

Eventually, Bakar and Sultan walked out of the studio.

Bakar, later on his Facebook page, criticised El-Marazy for not informing him that Suleiman’s campaigners would be attending.

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