Brotherhood's El-Beltagi slams SCAF meeting with party representatives

Ahram Online, Monday 16 Apr 2012

Senior Muslim Brother Mohamed El-Beltagi condemns Sunday's meeting between Field Marshall Tantawi and party heads as an infringement on parliament's jurisdiction

Muslim Brotherhood's Muhammed el-Beltagi (Photo: Reuters)

Muslim Brotherhood MP Mohamed El-Beltagi has condemned Sunday's meeting between military chief Tantawi and party representatives to discuss the constituent assembly.

The constitutional crisis "could have been a chance to correct past mistakes" without referring to the military council, he said Monday on his personal Facebook profile.

He claimed the meeting was wrong for three reasons:  

  1. The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces invited party representatives to discuss an issue that was constitutionally within the parliament's jurisdiction.
  2. The agreement that the constituent assembly should contain no MPs was an "unjustified shift" from having an MP majority in the constitution-drafting constituent assembly, which was suspended by the Supreme Administrative Court on 10 April.
  3. It was wrong for Tantawi to say during the meeting that the new constitution should be drafted before the presidential elections. The comment was a "cause for concern," according to El-Beltagi, who added that completing the constitution before the election would contradict the March 2011 constitutional declaration which was supported by the Brotherhood.
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