Egypt MPs call for elected governors

Ahram Online, Tuesday 17 Apr 2012

Parliament's Human Resources Committee calls for governors to be elected, more accountability after slow response to spate of Suez oil bombings

The Human Resources Committee of the People's Assembly on Tuesday called for provincial governors to be elected and for the introduction of mechanisms to replace them in cases of proven negligence.

The committee criticised the response of civil and armed forces to a series of explosions at the Nasr Oil Company in Suez over the last three days, during which 44 people were injured and two killed.

Committee head Abdul-Azeem Mahmud MP said officials were disorganised and lacked coordination when responding to the emergency.

"The authorities deliberately let the fire burn," Mahmud added.

Governors should be elected, voters should have the right to withdraw confidence from failing governors and mechanisms should be put in place to hold negligent governors accountable in cases of proven negligence, Mahmud asserted.

He went on to emphasise the importance of determining the responsibilities of governors, particularly in regards to natural resources.

Job descriptions and a list of responsibilities for civil servants, plus the number required in each governorate, should be made clear, Mahmud added.

Suez security chief Adel Refaat announced that the situation at the Nasr Oil Company was under control and least 30 fire trucks were at the scene.  

Head of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi on Saturday sent fire fighting planes to help contain the blaze.

The financial losses as a result of the explosions are reportedly LE10-30 million.

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