Egypt's Dar Al-Iftaa condemns bullying amid Zamalek, Ahly fans spat

Lamis ElSharqawy , Sunday 29 Nov 2020

Dar Al-Iftaa responds to the spat taking place between Zamalek and Ahly fans, advising them to behave decently

Dar El-Iftaa (Photo: Al-Ahram)

Dar Al-Iftaa said that bullying and mockery are unacceptable behaviours that are inconsistent with Islamic morals and values in an announcement on its official Facebook page on Sunday. 

The authority responsible for issuing religious edicts on controversial issues published its message to address the offensive behaviours currently on display between the fans of the country's biggest rival football teams, Zamalek and Ahly.

The religious body cited sayings of Prophet Mohamed on the issue of bullying and ridiculing others, affirming the necessity of respecting others’ privacy.

Islam has prohibited mockery, ostracism, and name-calling, considering assault and harm to others blameworthy, the statement said.

The statement comes days after a bullying and racism campaign against Zamalek player Shikabala went viral on social media following Friday’s match between Ahly and Zamalek in the final game of the African Champions League, where Ahly was crowned champion of the tournament.

Ahly fans gathered in Salah El-Din square in Luxor after the match, holding a dog wearing a Zamalek t-shirt and linking it to Shikabala through insulting chants.

A number of sports stars and actors supported Shikabala through condemning the bullying campaign against him on their social media accounts.

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