Egypt's Grand Mufti makes rare visit to Jerusalem for Islamic institute event

Ahram Online, Wednesday 18 Apr 2012

Ali Gomaa accompanies Jordanian Prince Ghazi Bin Mohamed to the opening ceremony for the Imam Ghazali Chair of Islamic Studies; travel takes place under Jordanian jursidiction

Ali Gomaa
Egypt's Grand Mufti Doctor Aly Gomaa
Egypt's Grand Mufti Ali Gomaa made a rare visit to Jerusalem on Wednesday for the opening of the Imam Ghazali Chair of Islamic Studies.
Gomaa was accompanied by Prince Ghazi Bin Mohamed, advisor on religious matters to King Abdullah II of Jordan and the president of Al-Beit, an institute of Islamic thought.
His visit came despite decades of opposition by various political and religious bodies in Egypt to normalising relations with Israel or travelling to areas under Israeli control.
Gomma said his visit was arranged by Jordanian authorities and did not involve any visas or entrance stamps since Jordan is supervisor of Jerusalem's holy shrines.
He repeated his refusal of normalisation between Muslims and the Israeli occupation, at th same time highlighting the importance of supporting Jerusalem and re-awakening the Palestinian cause for Muslims.
He added that any person visiting Jersualem naturally feels a reawakening of the importance of the issue in his heart.
After visiting Al-Aqsa mosque, the Grand Mufti and Prince Ghazi visited the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Greek Orthodox patriarchate in an old district of the city beyond Al-Khaleel gate. 
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