Update: SCAF transfer 'Disenfranchisement Law' to Egypt's Supreme Constitutional Court

Ahram Online , Thursday 19 Apr 2012

The ruling military council transfers a law banning former regime members from running for presidency to Constitutional Court, a week after it was passed by parliament

A general view of the people's assembly during a working session in Cairo, Egypt, (Photo: AP)

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) transferred the proposed Disenfranchisement Law, which excludes former regime members from politics, to the Supreme Constitutional Court to determine whether it is constitutional.

The draft legislation, which was discussed and approved last week by the People's Assembly, stipulates that those who were part of Hosni Mubarak's government during the past ten years would not be eligible to enter the presidential race. The ousted president's last prime minister Ahmed Shafiq, would be eliminated should the law be enacted. 

The law will come into force within 15 days.

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