Egypt's parliament reconvenes Tuesday, to discuss partnership deal with Russia

Monday 14 Dec 2020

Parliament will also discuss the charter of the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum established in September 2020

File photo: Egyptian parliament (Photo: Reuters)

Egypt's parliament – the House of Representatives – will reconvene from a short fall recess on Tuesday. 

Most of the discussion tomorrow will be focused on a number of reports prepared by the House's Legislative and Constitutional Affairs Committee on a number of foreign agreements and deals.

Topping the list is a report on the Comprehensive Partnership and Strategic Cooperation Deal between Egypt and Russia. The 10-year deal, signed in Sochi on 17 October 2018, aims to reinforce cooperation between Egypt and Russia in the economic, investment, political and military areas.

The agreement, once endorsed by the parliaments of the two countries, state that the two countries will conduct a strategic dialogue on military cooperation and that senior officials in the two countries will exchange visits on a regular basis to discuss mutual interests.

The discussion will include another report on the charter of the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum established in Cairo on 22 September 2020. The charter, ratified by Egypt's President Abdel-Fatah El-Sisi, aims to reinforce cooperation between a number of Eastern Mediterranean countries in the field of natural gas exploration.

An explanatory note said the charter seeks to create a dialogue among members of the forum on natural gas policies and how to preserve resources in this respect. Members of the Forum include Egypt, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

The schedule of discussion also includes a $113 million assistance grant agreement between Egypt and the United States on "economic governance." The agreement is aimed at improving the performance of economic courts, empowering women, and supporting marginalised communities.

MPs will also discuss a loan agreement between the National Tunnels Authority and JP Morgan Limited Europe and the London-based JP Morgan Chase NA. The agreement, signed on 13 August 2020, states that the two JP Morgan banks will provide a loan of 1.885 billion euros to the National Tunnels Authority to help fund the construction of the two lines of the monorail trains in the New Administrative Capital and 6 October City.

The House's meeting on Tuesday comes after parliamentary elections came to an end on 8 December. The newly-elected parliament will meet after 9 January 2021.

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