MPs take constitutional oath in opening procedural session of new House of Representatives

Amr Kandil , Tuesday 12 Jan 2021

The opening session is led by Fardia El-Shobashy as the eldest member in the House, and the first woman to ever chair a parliament session

Media expert and prominent journalist Fardia El-Shobashy

Newly elected MPs have started taking the constitutional oath during the opening session of the new the House of Representatives, which commenced on Tuesday amid strict coronavirus measures.

The session is chaired by media expert and prominent journalist Fardia El-Shobashy, as the eldest member in the House and the first woman to ever chair a parliament session.

El-Shobashy was the first MP to take the oath.

Her two aides in chairing the session, MPs Fatma Ahmed and Abanoub Ezzat, who are the youngest two members of the House, then took the oath.

"I swear by God Almighty to loyally preserve the Republican system and to respect the constitution and the law and to fully look after the people’s interests and preserve the independence of the nation and the safety and integrity of its territories."

The MPs were reminded more than once by the chair to keep their face masks on while reciting the oath.

The session is aired live on state TV.

As many as 568 elected MPs plus 28 presidential appointees are taking the oath.

However, owing to coronavirus spread, the process is being carried out on two stages.

The 284 MPs elected via the individual candidacy system took the oath in a first stage.

The remaining members, elected through the party list system, started taking the oath shortly before 2pm. 

Next, the new House will vote for a new speaker and two deputies.





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