Egypt's prosecution detains dentist on sexually harassing male patients charges

Zeinab El-Gundy , El-Sayed Gamal El-Din , Wednesday 27 Jan 2021

The dentist is being detained for four days pending investigation into allegations of sexually harassing four men

General Prosecution office
General Prosecution office (Photo: Al-Ahram)

Egypt’s prosecution ordered on Wednesday the detention of a famous dentist for four days pending investigation into allegations of sexually harassing men in his clinic and forcing them to have sex with him, a statement said.

The prosecution stated that it arrested the dentist on Tuesday.

According to the prosecution’s statement, the defendant had a three-year relationship with one of his male clients, video-recorded their encounters, and used the videos to blackmail the young man to continue their relationship or he would post the clips on Facebook.

Investigations revealed that the dentist harassed four men, including a singer and an actor, at his clinic in Dokki district, Giza.

According to the prosecution’s statements, the victims all said that the defendant sexually harassed them while he was examining their teeth at his clinic and that he wanted to have sex with them.

In September 2020, Prosecutor-General Hamada El-Sawy ordered an investigation into accusations against the dentist for sexually harassing three men.
The dentist was arrested on Tuesday.

The decision comes amid a wave of testimonies made recently on social media accusing a well-known dentist of harassing patients while receiving dental care at his clinic.

TV commercial director and singer Tameem Younis and actor Abbas Abul-Hassan are among the plaintiffs, according to public posts on their social media accounts.

Younis said in a live Instagram video that he was sexually harassed when he was 22 years old by the dentist while receiving dental care at his clinic.

Abul-Hassan was the first to come forward naming the famous dentist following the second wave of #Metoo Campaign in summer 2020 involving various cases, some of which the prosecution is still investigating, such as the infamous case of Fairmount group rape, and others are being processed in courts, such as the case of Ahmed Bassem Zaki.

While consensual same-sex conduct is not explicitly criminalised under Egyptian law, people accused of homosexual behaviour are convicted on charges of “debauchery”, prostitution, and violating public morals.

In a conservative society where homosexuality is considered highly sinful, in Islam and Orthodox Christianity, it is unusual for men in Egypt, especially famous figures, to come forward with such allegations due to social stigma and masculinity issues. In this sense, the case is unprecedented.

One of the country’s most famous dentists, the defendant had treated many celebrities, including ministers and actors. 

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