'Our borders are always in danger', says Tantawi

Ahram Online, Monday 23 Apr 2012

In a speech to troops on exercise Monday, de facto leader Field Marshall Tantawi said army should not be 'political' and will not invade neighbouring countries but may 'break legs of anyone who dares to come near'

Head of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi. (Photo: Reuters)

Egypt's de facto leader Field Marshall Hussein Tantawi warned that Egypt’s border is always "in danger" in a speech to troops from the Second Army on exercise in the Sinai, Monday.  

Despite this, the head of the ruling military council said, "we never attack neighboring countries and only protect our own borders. We will break the legs of anyone who dares to come near to the borders. That’s why our troops should always be ready."

Tantawi added that the armed forces was not political by nature.

"We do not interfere in politics, we are not politicians," Tantawi stressed, "We belong to the people who trust us and stand behind us…Egypt is the responsibility of the armed forces."



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