Egypt's prosecution orders detention of man over intentionally setting Downtown Cairo shops ablaze

El-Sayed Gamal El-Din , Saturday 30 Jan 2021

A destructive fire broke out Friday morning at the busy market of Tawfiqia no casualities were reported

Tawfiqiya market fire
Firefighters distinguish fire in Tawfiqia Market (photo: Al-Ahram)

Egypt’s prosecution has ordered on Saturday a four-day detention pending investigations for a man over intentionally setting a large number of shops in a busy downtown market ablaze.

The prosecution said it questioned 19 witnesses, all owners of the destroyed shops at Tawfiqia, where some of them accused the defendant of intentionally setting their shops on fire due to a financial dispute.
The witnesses included the defendant’s uncle and son, who said they have received an earlier threat from the defendant on setting their shops ablaze.
The defendant confessed after his arrest of setting the shops on fire due to the financial dispute with his relatives.
The early morning fire, however, did cause damages to around 22 shops, according to an earlier statement by the Cairo governorate.
The Tawfiqia market,  a wholesale market for a variety of goods - mainly car accessories - is located in the crowded Al-Azbakeya district. 
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