Egyptian authorities continue investigating incident of Alexandria leaning building

El-Sayed Gamal El-Din , Sunday 7 Feb 2021

All occupants of the building and the neighbouring buildings were evacuated while investigations proceed

Egypt's Administrative Prosecution on Sunday said that it is investigating the incident of the leaning building in Alexandria, the latest in several similar incidents inside the governorate.

Over the past few days, photos were shared online showing a nine-storey building in Alexandria tilting into another.
A removal decision was issued to the building, which was constructed nine years ago, according to the Alexandria governor.
All the building occupants were evacuated. Other neighbouring buildings were also evacuated to ensure the residents' safety.
According to the statement, the Prosecution said the building was built without acquiring necessary building permits.
Building collapses are commonplace in Egypt and are usually attributed to violations of building specifications, illegal extensions and lax oversight.
President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi commented on the incident, attributing the problem to the haphazard and unlicensed construction, adding that the dilemma of unplanned buildings in Egypt requires a total cost of around EGP 3-4 trillion.
Over the past few decades, Egypt has seen a continuous increase in haphazard and unlicensed construction across its cities and villages, with these structures constituting 70 percent of the urban clusters by the year 2011, according to Egyptian officials.
The problem surged noticeably amid the security vacuum that followed the 2011 uprising, with many people constructing multi-storey buildings without acquiring the necessary permits or complying with safety standards.
Last year, El-Sisi ratified a law allowing settlement with the state over building violations, with the exception of those pertaining to safety standards, authorised height or purpose, historic buildings, and others.  
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