One killed, four missing after motor-boat capsized off Port Said due to turbulent weather

Ahram Online , Wednesday 17 Feb 2021

Egypt has been witnessing a three-day wave of unstable weather since Tuesday

At least one killed when a motorboat carrying five sailors overturned in the Mediterranean Sea off Port Said on Wednesday as a result of the bad weather and the high waves Egypt has been witnessing since Tuesday.

The boat was hired by a shipping agency to be sent to a ship anchored in the Mediterranean off Port Said to deliver a parcel coming from an airport.

Due to the turbulent weather and the high waves, the boat’s captain lost control of its motion before it capsized.

Upon a mayday sent from the boat to the emergency room of the Suez Canal Authority, a number of rescuers were dispatched to the incident site to salvage the boat and passengers.

A corpse of a 37-year-old boat worker was retrieved from the navigation waterway of the Suez Canal and taken to the morgue at Al-Salam Hospital in Port Said.

A salvage operation is underway to retrieve another four passengers who are still missing.

Starting Tuesday, Egypt has been witnessing a snap of cold, rainy, and windy weather, with a six-degree Celsius dip in temperatures and sandy winds in some areas.

The cold wave is called the ‘Cyprus Tropical Depression’, which is one of the major tropical depressions to hit the Mediterranean Sea, according to forecasters. The Cyprus wave ends in March.

Several ports in Egypt were closed due to the spell.

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