Egypt's education minister faces civil servants' protests

Mohamed Habib, Sunday 16 Jan 2011

Hundreds of education ministry employees demonstrate, forcing the minister to overturn a relocation decree


“Leave your post, we don’t want you!” chanted hundreds of employees who demonstrated for about six hours Sunday in front of the Ministry of Education, protesting their transfer to other govenorates.

The employees, who hold administrative posts in the Ministry of Education, were transferred to other governorates without Minister Ahmed Zaki Badr giving reason.

SInce Badr became minister in February 2010, he began transferring employees in his ministry saying they "are not doing their jobs properly". As the number increased, so did the anger.

Cairo Security Chief Ismail El-Shaer headed to the ministry accompanied with security personnel to disperse the crowd.

Reda Abu Serei, assistant to the minister of education, then announced to the protesters that "no one will be transferred". Some of the crowds cheered while others were skeptical and preferred to keep up the protest until they see official documents verifying the claim.

Badr was not in his office this morning. He was attending a cabinet meeting, which was not known to the protesters.

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