Video: Egypt parliament to discuss Chinese toys that 'humiliate Islam'

Eslam Omar, Monday 7 May 2012

A member of the Egyptian Parliament brings Chinese-made toy gun to Monday’s parliamentary session claiming it humiliates the wife of the prophet

Saad El-Katatni speaker of the People's Assembly referred to the economics committee the issue of Chinese-made children's toys that "humiliate Islam and its figures."

Parliament member Mustafa Morsy made a speech during Monday’s session about how imported games and toys can be harmful to Egyptian and Muslim culture.

“Our kids play with computer games in which you shoot the holy Quran and Islamic symbols,” Morsy said in his speech.

“This toy gun for example costs only five pounds and when you shoot, it says ‘shoot Sayyida Aisha,' wife of Islam’s prophet Muhammad,” Morsy claimed while showing a colourful toy gun during the session.

“Kuwaiti law punishes anyone who humiliates Muslim figures like prophets and their families,” he added.

There was a recent debate in Saudi Arabia about a similar toy gun that, when the trigger is pulled, says “Go go go, pull over and save the hostages". Some claimed that it says “shoot Sayyida Aisha.”

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