In Photos: Egypt sends over 3,000 tons of humanitarian aid to Gaza

Amr Kandil , Sunday 23 May 2021

The aid includes vegetables, poultry, fruits, blankets, carpets, mattresses, sanitisers, medical masks, clothes and medicine

Humanitarian aid
Egypt's Tahya Misr Fund sends more than 130 containers of humanitarian aid to the Rafah border crossing to be transferred to Gaza. Cabinet

Egypt sent more than 3,000 tons of humanitarian aid, including food and medicine, on Sunday to the Rafah border crossing, the last stop before the aid is transferred to the Gaza Strip.

The aid, packed in 130 containers, include blankets and clothes as well as construction materials, a Cabinet statement read.
This comes only two days after an Egypt-brokered ceasefire went into effect in the strip, ending 11 days of Israeli airstrikes that killed more than 250 Palestinians.
The airstrikes also targeted hundreds of buildings and displaced tens of thousands of Palestinians in the enclave of Gaza.
An Egyptian convoy - prepared by the donation-based 'Tahya Misr' (Long live Egypt) Fund -has delivered the aid to the Rafah crossing, the only crossing point between Egypt and Gaza.
Humanitarian aid to Gaza
The convoy was prepared through contributions and in-kind donations provided by Egyptian companies working in various commercial and industrial fields, the statement read.
The companies provided these contributions as part of an Egyptian initiative supporting the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip. President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi launched the initiative on Tuesday.
The aid also includes vegetables, poultry, fruits, blankets, carpets, mattresses, sanitisers, medical masks, clothes and medicine, the statement noted.
The aid will be delivered to the Palestinian people under an Arabic slogan translated as “we share for the sake of humanity," the Cabinet said.
The slogan aims to “encourage all social work parties to compete and exert more effort in to achieving record numbers in charity and solidarity from the different nations around the world,” the statement added.
The state’s 'Tahya Misr' Fund allocated the account No. (037037 - Reconstruction of Gaza) in all Egyptian banks to receive contributions and donations in local and foreign currencies.
It also receives contributions through its online website ( 
Humanitarian aid to Gaza
Egypt’s top religious authority Al-Azhar also announced on Sunday plans to send an urgent relief convoy to Gaza in solidarity with the Palestinian cause.
Al-Azhar’s aid comes after weeks of “violence, destruction and Zionist terrorism that targeted Palestinian people, homes, roads, public properties, media headquarters, Red Crescent buildings and others,” a statement by Al-Azhar read.
The Israeli aggression caused “big harm and humanitarian disasters that harmed the city and its infrastructure as well as caused severe psychological impact on the families of the martyrs whose houses and properties were bombed,” the statement added.
The aid comes as an extension of Al-Azhar’s stance rejecting Israeli assaults on the Palestinians living in Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood and their attempt to forcibly displace these residents, read the statement.
Al-Azhar also reiterated the rejection of Israelis storming into Al-Aqsa Mosque and the oppression of peaceful Palestinian protests.
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