Al-Azhar: Attempts to Judaize Jerusalem violate international norms, laws

Ahram Online , MENA , Tuesday 25 May 2021

Al-Azhar said on Tuesday that attempts to judaize Jerusalem violate the international laws and norms.
“The attempts to judaize Jerusalem is considered a violation to the international laws, agreements and norms that prohibit and criminalize any change to the nature of the land, people and identity in the occupied territory,” said the Al Azhar in a statement.
Al-Azhar added the attempts to judaize Jerusalem had no legal legitimacy and contradict with the historical facts that stood with the Arab identity of the city that was built by the Arab Jebusites from 60 centuries ago.
“The Zionists who depend on the western imperialistic forces in their attempt to judaize Jerusalem are actually jeopardizing with the future of Jews themselves and are crossing red lines for the Islamic nation, which is actually quarter of the world population,” The Egyptian Sunni Islamic institution said adding that the Islamic nation was capable of restoring its stolen rights.
On its official page on social media, Al-Azhar media center launched a campaign in Arabic and English, refuting false claims promoted by the Israeli occupation, especially after the recent incidents witnessed by Sheikh Jarrah district.
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