UPDATE 4: Egypt's intelligence chief conveys Sisi’s message of support to Palestinian people, leadership

Ahram Online , Sunday 30 May 2021

Kamel, leading an Egyptian security delegation, left for Israel and the Palestinian territories where he will discuss means to firm up a ceasefire with Palestinian factions.

A handout picture provided by the Palestinian Authority's press office (PPO) on May 30, 2021, shows president Mahmud Abbas (R) meeting with Egypt's intelligence chief Abbas Kamel in the West Bank city of Ramallah. AFP

Head of Egyptian General Intelligence Service (GIS) Abbas Kamel agreed on Sunday with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas ‘Abu Mazen’ to hold a series of meeting with the director generals of Palestinian factions in Cairo in order to unify the Palestinian stance.

Kamel met Abu Mazen in Ramadan and conveyed a message of support from the country's President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi to the Palestinian president.
In the message, El-Sisi reaffirmed Egypt's full backing of the Palestinian people, their inalienable rights, and their cause. He also assured Abbas that “the Palestinian cause will remain Egypt's top priority.”
From his side, President Mahmoud Abbas praised President El-Sisi and his stances in supporting the Palestinian people and their just cause.
Top Palestinian officials in Fatach, including Head of Palestinian Intelligence Services Maged Farg, attended the meeting between Abu Mazen and Abbas Kamel in Ramallah.
Earlier on Sunday, the Egyptian president gave his directives to continue the efforts and meetings in order to solve the issue of prisoners of war and missing persons between Israel and Hamas as well as stabilising the ceasefire between Israel and Palestinian factions.
Earlier in the day, Kamel — leading an Egyptian security delegation — left for Israel and the Palestinian territories, where he will discuss means to solidify the ceasefire.
He also met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu earlier on Sunday.
Kamel is expected to make another stop in Gaza to continue his talks with Hamas and the other Palestinian factions.
On Sunday, Cairo received Israeli Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi in a visit that is a first for an Israeli official of that level in 13 years. Ashkenazi came to discuss with Egyptian officials a “permanent ceasefire.”
Egypt brokered a simultaneous and mutual ceasefire in May 2021 to end 11 days of Israeli aggression on Gaza, which erupted in response to rocket attacks on Israeli towns from the strip, which is controlled by Hamas.
The Israeli bombing campaign on Gaza has been deemed the most vicious since the 2014 Israeli 51-day assault on Gaza, as Israel upped its aggression on the strip with artillery fire and air strikes.
Egypt has taken several political and diplomatic steps since then to consolidate the ceasefire, including sending security delegations to the warring sides.
The Israeli offensive on Gaza killed over 250 Palestinians, including 66 children and 39 women, and injured hundreds. Hundreds of homes were destroyed as well by Israel's air strikes.
Egypt allocated 11 hospitals to receive injured Palestinians and committed $500 million to rebuilding Gaza.
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