Egyptian lawyer El-Gizawi 'expresses sorrow' to Saudi king

Ahram Online, Thursday 10 May 2012

Egyptian lawyer Ahmed El-Gizawi 'apologises' for causing Egypt-Saudi diplomatic spat, says he has confidence in the Saudi justice system

Saudi Arabia King Abdullah (Photo: Reuters)

Detained Egyptian lawyer Ahmed El-Gizawi has sent a letter to the king of Saudi Arabia expressing sorrow for the recent diplomatic tensions between the kingdom and Egypt.

According to the Al-Riyadh newspaper, the lawyer indirectly apologised for causing the diplomatic crisis between the two nations and stressed that he "has full confidence in the Saudi justice system and in the generosity of the Saudi king."

El-Gizawi also expressed happiness that relations between Egypt and Saudi Arabia had normalised after the diplomatic spat that took place after his arrest.

El-Gizawi was detained while travelling with his family to undertake the Islamic Umra pilgrimage on 17 April.

The kingdom's ambassador to Egypt Ahmed Abdel-Aziz Qattan later asserted that El-Gizawi had been arrested after being found in possession of 20,000 anti-anxiety pills.

His arrest led to a series of protests in front of the Saudi embassy in Cairo two weeks ago, which led to the detainment of several activists.

His supporters claimed he was arrested in response to lawsuits he filed calling for the release of Egyptians being held without charge in Saudi prisons.

The Egyptian cabinet attempted to smooth relations with the kingdom by apologising for the actions of protesters and sending a delegation headed by parliamentary speaker Saad El-Katatni to Saudi Arabia lst week.

El-Gizawi is still detained in Saudi Arabia.

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