Palestinian factions to meet in Cairo next week for talks on ending division

Mohamed Soliman , Tuesday 1 Jun 2021

El-Sisi ordered taking "swift" action in all Palestinian files to achieve stability in the Palestinian territories

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (Reuters)
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (Reuters)

Palestinian factions are set to meet in Cairo next week for a new round of National Palestinian Dialogue amid Egyptian endeavours to end the Palestinian division and achieve stability in the Palestinian territories.

Palestinian group Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, has asked head of Egypt's General Intelligence Service (GIS) Abbas Kamel to bring together the Palestinian factions' general secretaries in a meeting under the auspices of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Egypt's state-owned news agency MENA reported on Tuesday.

Egypt sent a high-level security delegation, led by Kamel, to Israel and the Palestinian territories to discuss means to solidify a ceasefire Cairo brokered between the Palestinian factions and Israeli troops.

The ceasefire which in place since 21 May ended 11 days of fighting, which has been considered the most serious on Gaza since 2014, as Israel upped its aggression with artillery and airstrikes.

Palestinian factions in the coastal enclave assured Egypt their commitment to the ceasefire truce as long as Israel abides by it.

El-Sisi ordered on Tuesday Egyptian officials to take a "swift" action in all Palestinian files at the same time to achieve stability in the Palestinian territories in coordination with President Abbas.

Abbas appreciated El-Sisi's efforts to rearrange the internal Palestinian front and call for factions' meeting next week.

On Monday, El-Sisi said Egypt was exerting strenuous efforts to solidify the truce to allow for the resumption of negotiations between Palestine and Israel in cooperation with all international powers, on top of them the United States.

He reiterated Egypt's support for the Palestinian people and leaders.

He said that Egypt is keen on Palestinian reconciliation as soon as possible, urging for unifying the internal Palestinian front under the umbrella of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, which is led by Abbas.

The Egyptian president has also called on all regional and international powers to support the Egyptian efforts to rebuild the Gaza Strip, whose infrastructure was devastated over the 11-day Israel bombing campaign.

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