Egypt will support South Sudan if secession occurs

MENA, Monday 17 Jan 2011

Although the possible secession of South Sudan may have a negative impact on Egypt, Egypt will maintain relations with both countries - North and South

Ambassador Mohamed Morsi, an assistant to the Egyptian Foreign Minister, said that Egypt will continue diplomatic relations with South Sudan if the secession occurs.

In a meeting held today by the Arab and Foreign Affairs and National Security Committee in the Shura Council, Morsi, who is the head of the ministry's Sudan department, said that Egypt will be happy to help both countries move forward if they choose secession.

Morsi also pointed out that Egypt had done its best to make unity a viable choice because stability in the South of Sudan is vital to Egypt and other countries.

He added that secession will have a negative impact on the region and if the situation does not stabilize in the South and Darfur, it will reemerge in other areas that may affect Egypt’s stability.

Morsi added that the creation of South Sudan may also affect progress on the Nile Basin water discussions since a new country is going to enter and it is yet unknown what its political inclinations will be. He added that he does not expect any problems but rather only delays, because, as a new country, South Sudan will be busy building its various institutions.

Morsi also pointed out that the South Sudan is expected to be more biased towards African nations, but it is important for Arabs to keep good relations with the new country while supporting North Sudan at the same time.

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