Dry Cairo didn't know how to handle a little rain

Ahram Online, Monday 14 May 2012

There were no less than 13 car accidents during Cairo Monday morning rush hour as a result of such a harmless thing called rain

rain in Cairo
File photo: Cars are driven along a flooded street after heavy rain in Cairo in January 2012 (Photo: Reuters)

Summer was besieging Egypt. The momentum of consecutive weeks of hot, sunny, dry days - and forecasts - promised the weather would become harsher.

This morning, however, Cairo woke up to a few clouds in the sky, cool air and an unfamiliar light haze gave everything a slightly blue-ish tint.

In a sudden turn of weather across Egypt - it rained Monday morning.

With the daze and unpreparedness, there were approximately 13 traffic accidents and increased congestion.

The 6th of October Bridge, Cairo's longest flyover, was completely paralysed by four car accidents.

The Cairo-Alexandria Delta Road also saw a lag in traffic flow because of a truck accident. Several tonnes of cement blocked the road, which caused two vehicles to collide into each other.   

On the 26 of July axis in the Giza governorate of Cairo, a car overturned on the road. Another accident was seen on the 15 May Bridge, which led to minor injuries.  

May is normally a hot month, and weather forecasts say it will return to 35 degrees Celsius this week.

Currently, this Monday morning, it is 20 degrees Celsius and isn't expected to go beyond 31 degrees Celsius. What would happen if there was a drastic change?

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