Parliament Speaker: June 30 revolution marked birth of 'new republic'

MENA , Friday 2 Jul 2021

Parliament Speaker Hanafi el Gebali speaks with Al-Ahram's Editor in Chief Alaa Thabet during the interview

Parliament Speaker Hanafi el Gebali asserted that the June 30 revolution marked the birth of the "New Republic", in Egypt, saying that President Abdel Fattah El Sisi’s achievements are clear in all fields.

What Egypt has seen over the past few years looks like a miracle,” Gebali told, Alaa Thabet; Chief- Editor of Al-Ahram daily in an interview, noting the government should cope with the reform steps taken by the president.

"The reforms led by President Sisi have covered all fields, and the infrastructure and relevant services were at the core of his interest as well as the road network that has covered the whole country," the speaker said.

"All of these achievements have become a reality on the ground in a record time,” he said, adding that some of them used to take many years to be achieved before President Sisi came to power.

The president’s efforts were not limited to direction and monitoring, but now the people has become familiar seeing the president checking on the progress made at some projects and at production sites where he would give advice, open discussion with workers and listen to their views,” he added.

He noted that the "Nation Future" Party has the majority in the parliament, and according to its platform, represents the centrist party with the opposition present inside it.

Besides the majority party, there is a strong partisan representation that includes the right and left parties and parties that can be described as right-centrist and left-centrist, as well as the independent members,” he added.

As for the opposition at the parliament, Gebali said that opposition is indispensable in all legislatures and its presence is inevitable.

The opposing views are always welcomed under the dome of the parliament based on the freedom of expression, which is one of the most important constitutional principles,” he added.

Gebali stressed that the parliamentary immunity is not a privilege for lawmakers but rather created to protect them from any act that could obstruct their legislative role.

We will not give up our legislative and supervisory role ... We have translated the pulse of the people into laws that echo their hopes and aspirations,” Gebali stressed.

Gebali went on saying that the majority had supported the decision for him to be nominated as the parliament speaker despite the fact that he kept his status as independent.

On the performance of women in parliament, the speaker said that the constitution has responded to the popular demand of raising the representation of women at the parliament to reach at least the quarter.

As far as the legislative role of the parliamtment, El Gebali said that laws that are required to be enacted, amended or even abolished are determined by the political, economic and social circumstances. "The current parliament has passed multiple laws and performed its role of supervising the work of the government as required," he added.

On the parliament’s role in the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) crisis, Gebali said President Sisi has asserted in many occasions that the Nile water is an "existential" issue for Egyptians.

The efforts of the Egyptian state are going on successfully, which include contacting all relevant international parties and putting all the available alternatives on the discussion table,” he stressed.

The Egyptian parliament is doing its best to reach out to all world parliaments and representatives of diplomatic missions in Cairo as well as the Inter-Parliamentary Union and the regional parliamentary unions to explain Egypt’s just position in this crisis and the existential importance of the Nile water for the Egyptians,” Gebali added.

"The talks in the Nile water issue have stalled due to Ethiopia’s intransigent position against reaching a legally binding agreement," he stressed.

He expected the crisis to eventually see a fair solution, amid Egypt's fair position, the strength of the options offered by Egypt, and its good relations with all international parties who are convinced of the soundness of the Egyptian stance and the wise and balanced style the Egyptian leadership takes.

Gebali said there is no conflict between the role of the House of Representatives (parliament) and the Senate, as the constitution and its amendments has decisively set their jurisdictions and the domains of their work.

He noted that he witnessed the siege of the Supreme Constitutional Court, which proved "the Muslim brotherhood were neither brothers nor Muslims."

Egypt has come back a strong country at all levels after years of suffering and isolation,” he said. President Sisi, the people, the army and the police, exerted their utmost efforts to restore Egypt and salvage it from the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood, he added.

"Egypt has also returned to Africa and restored its good relations with all the African countries in a way that achieves their interests," he said.

At the Arab level, the speaker said brotherly ties with all the Arab nations and peoples have been boosted after Egypt has played its historical role for the progress and prosperity of the Arab nation for years.

The political leadership has exerted great efforts to stop the Israeli aggression on Gaza and uphold a truce, he said. “This pivotal role is not new to Egypt.”

He pointed out to Egypt’s pledge to provide 500 million dollars for the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip and the return of life to normal. 

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