Egypt’s president tackles progress of construction projects implemented by Engineering Authority

MENA , Saturday 24 Jul 2021

El-Sisi ordered the headquarters of international organisations be built in cooperation with the UN to meet world-class standards

Egypt’s president

President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi discussed on Saturday the latest developments in the projects implemented by the Armed Forces Engineering Authority (AFEA), especially in the New Administrative Capital.

El-Sisi convened with AFEA Chairman Major General Ihab El-Far, head of the AFEA Consulting Office Major General Ashraf El-Araby, the Authority's Assistant Director for road designs Brigadier General Abdel-Aziz El-Feki, and Director of Ibdaa Marble and Granite Factory Tarek El-Khudairi.

During the meeting, El-Sisi reviewed the progress made in the State Strategic Command Centre Complex in the new capital.

He ordered the headquarters of international organisations be built in close cooperation with the United Nations in order to meet world-class engineering standards.

El-Sisi also followed up on the progress made in the authority's integrated fuel station projects, a mega mosque, to be named Egypt Mosque in the new capital, and the strategic master plan of an international centre for exhibitions, read a statement by Presidential Spokesman Bassam Rady.

The meeting tackled the latest developments in road projects, including the Manfalout road axis, extending over the Nile to ease traffic flow and serve development projects and new urban communities on the eastern and western banks of the Nile.

El-Sisi reviewed the authority's efforts to renovate the tombs and shrines of the descendants of Ahl Al-Bayt "the Prophet Muhammad's family," including the shrines of Sayyida Nafisa, Sayyida Zainab, and Al-Hussein in Cairo.

He also discussed progress made in the complex dedicated to craft workshops in Cairo's Duweika neighbourhood.

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