Yosri Fouda to quit Egyptian TV

Ekram Ibrahim , Thursday 17 May 2012

TV presenter Yosri Fouda to quit media work in Egypt, activists call on him to rethink his decision for the sake media freedom

Yosri Fouda
Yosri Fouda presenting his program "Akher Kalam."

Yosri Fouda has announced his decision to quit Egyptian TV in six weeks time after Egypt's first post-revolution presidential election. 

"My work in Egypt will end in six weeks, I apologise to whoever considers this wrong and thank all those who followed the show," Fouda said via Twitter Thursday.

Fouda is the presenter of Akher Kalam, one of Egypt's most popular talk shows.

A number of political activists have asked him rethink his decision because he is one of the most popular pro-revolution voices in Egypt. There is already a Facebook page called "Yosri Fouda don’t leave us."

Fouda explained via Facebook that he only agreed to take present   Akher Kalam because Egypt was going through such a crucial period after the January 25 Revolution. He expressed his respect for the revolution and said he was positive about Egypt's future.

Fouda temporarily halted the programme in October 2011 in protest at "relentless censorship efforts." He refused to reveal who was trying to censor him but said, “There is a fact that gradually came to prominence over the past few months, which makes us feel that there are relentless efforts to maintain the core of the old system.”

Moreover, in May 2011, Fouda was forced to cancel an episode after the Moral Affairs Department asked for an advance copy of the questions as he was going to ask an army general.

Fouda is a former BBC and Al Jazeera reporter. He has a co-author of Masterminds of Terror: The Truth Behind The Most Devastating Terrorist Attack the World Has Ever Seen.

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