Egypt's health ministry announces new regulations on coronavirus vaccination

Ahram Online , Saturday 21 Aug 2021

'The individual can press the travel transfer tab and choose a travel center to be transferred to,' the ministry statement said

Health Ministry

The Ministry of Health issued on Friday a new set of instructions regarding coronavirus vaccinations in Egypt, to facilitate the process for travelers as well as non-travellers.

According to a statement by the ministry, if an individual is registered to be vaccinated and has not receive either of the two doses, but wants to be vaccinated as a traveler instead, he or she can make a transfer request through the health ministry’s official online vaccination registration by following up on the status of the original request online.

“The individual can press the travel transfer tab and choose a travel center to be transferred to,” the ministry statement said.

If an individual receives a message saying that they have been assigned to a vaccination center other than a traveler center, the individual must wait 72 hours before requesting a transfer online, or call the vaccination hotline at 15335.

Individuals can also go directly to the Traveler Vaccination Center to be directed, provided they have not received any previous doses.

If an individual has received the first AstraZeneca dose more than a month prior and wants to move up the date of the second dose due to travel arrangements, then he or she should contact the information center of the governorate in which their vaccination center belongs, provided that they have with them a proof of travel date.

AstraZeneca requires an eight-week interval between its first and second doses.

Currently, Egypt has assigned the one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine to travelers.

The health ministry added that individuals who received the first and second doses will not be permitted to receive a booster vaccine.

The second dose of the vaccine must be administered at the same center where the first dose was received.

The ministry also stated that vaccinations for anyone under the age of 18 are prohibited.

If an individual has received a confirmation message for their first dose, but missed it, they must call the hotline at 15335 to reactivate the request, which is available for 48 hours, the ministry said in its statement.

As long as they have not been diagnosed with the coronavirus, the second dose will be available for a period of six days to individuals who miss their appointed date.

The ministry added that individuals will be allowed to receive a vaccination certificate if the first dose was administered outside of Egypt.

According to the World Health Organisation, 6,477,535 vaccine doses have been administered in Egypt, with 2,157,904 individuals fully vaccinated, and 4,319,631 receiving first dose.

Egypt has registered 285,831 COVID-19 cases since the outbreak in February 2020, including 16,647 fatalities and 235,317 recoveries.

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