Legislative Committee to draft new guidelines for Egypt Constituent Assembly

Ahram Online , Saturday 26 May 2012

The People's Assembly will consider new draft guidelines for the Constituent Assembly in an effort to get constitution writing back on track

The Legislative Affairs Committee in the People’s Assembly agreed Saturday to draft new legal guidelines for the Constituent Assembly tasked with writing Egypt's new constitution. The new guidelines will consist of 13 articles governing the functioning of the assembly.

The guidelines include articles regarding the mechanism of choosing members of the Constituent Assembly.

According to the proposed articles, the Constituent Assembly should draft a new constitution within a month of the new guidelines being issued, while the assembly should represent all sectors and groups in society.

According to the proposed articles, parliament would receive candidacy recommendations from different public institutions, parties and groups, as well unions and syndicates, in order to choose members of the assembly

The Administrative Court suspended in April the Constituent Assembly elected by members of parliament for violating the Constitutional Declaration issued in March 2011.

Constituent Assembly members from liberal and leftist currents, along with several public figures, withdrew from the assembly in March to object to an Islamist take over of the body by Muslim Brotherhood and Salafist MPs and sympathisers, creating a problem for both parliament and the Freedom and Justice Party, the majority party, in moving towards drafting a new constitution.

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