Egypt liberal coalition to announce presidential pledge document ensuring civil state

Ahram Online , Wednesday 30 May 2012

Newly-formed coalition The United Front will reveal Wednesday a 12-articled document that presidential runoff candidates must sign, protecting the revolution and ensuring a civil state

Khaled Ali and Amr Moussa
Khaled Ali and Amr Moussa

Leftist and liberal political forces behind new coalition group The United Front, which includes former presidential hopefuls Amr Moussa and Khaled Ali, will announce Wednesday "The Document of The Pledge" detailing 12 actions to protect the revolution and ensure a civil state, that the upcoming president must vow to follow.  

The document will be presented to both presidential runoff candidates Mohamed Morsi and Ahmed Shafiq.It states that the contenders should announce their presidential team, which must be made up of a number of vice presidents, before the run offs.

It also demands that the upcoming president start negotiations to form a new coalition government that will include women, youth and Christians as well as being representative of all Egypt's political forces. The name of the prime minister, the document added, must also be made public before the runoffs.

The document emphasised the right of the Egyptian people to resist and revolt should the next president not respect the 12 articles or in cases of constitutional, public freedom or human rights violations.

It is expected the final details and features of the document will be announced at a press conference at the Egyptian Social Democratic Party headquarters in Cairo later Wednesday.

The document, which was unveiled in a meeting last Sunday, was prepared by Mohamed Abul-Ghar, Mohamed Nour Farahat , Hazem El-Biblawy, Makram Mahana and Farid Zahran from the Social Democratic Party.

The United Front includes a number of leaders from key political parties and movements, such as National Association for Change's coordinator Abdel-Galil Mostafa, Free Egyptians Party head Ahmed Said, the Egyptian Social Democratic party's Mohamed Abul Ghar , Ghad El-Thawra founder Ayman Nour,  Socialist popular alliance Party leader Abdel-Ghafr Shukr and the Karama Party leader Mohamed Sami. It also includes representatives from El-Adl Party, the Social Democratic Front Party and Masr El-Horreya Party.

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