Abul-Fotouh to launch campaign against ex-regime figures

Ahram Online, Wednesday 30 May 2012

The moderate Islamist presidential contender announces Wednesday new Egypt-wide campaign to raise awareness about Mubarak-era figures in a bid to purge country of remnants of the former regime

Mohamed Abdel Monem Abul-Fotouh (Photo: Bassam ALzoghby)

Former presidential hopeful Abdel-Moneim Abul-Fotouh has launched an awareness campaign to help purge the country of former Mubarak regime members on Wednesday.

"We don’t want the feelings of enthusiasm and energy that we had while we were working on our presidential campaign to subside," Abul-Fotouh said in his Wednesday statement, "That is why we have to begin working on our national project and to parallel that with an awareness drive in all governorates against the remnants of the old regime and all its symbols."

Abul-Fotouh has yet to outline the details of the project but stated that it will cover all of Egypt’s governorates and will cooperate with other political forces.

Moderate Islamist Abul-Fotouh dropped out of the presidential race when he came in fourth place during the first round of the presidential elections on 23-24 May.

On Sunday, Abul-Fotouh said that official results of last week's first-round presidential vote should be postponed until Egypt's Constitutional Court issues a final decision on a Disenfranchisement Law barring members of the former regime from assuming public office. This would directly affect presidential runoff candidate Ahmed Shafiq, Mubarak's last prime minster.

His demand was made after the initial results indicated he had finished fourth in the race. Egypt's Supreme Presidential Electoral Commission (SPEC), however, officially announced the results the next day.

The second round of the race will take place on 16-17 June, where Mubarak era minister Shafiq will compete with the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsi.

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