Two American tourists abducted in Sinai

Ahram Online, Thursday 31 May 2012

Unknown assailants abduct two American tourists in South Sinai

Two American tourists were kidnapped by unknown assailants on the Dahab-Nuweiba Road while touring South Sinai.

The assailants reportedly kidnapped the two women to hold them hostage until a drug dealer they know is released.

This is the last of a series of kidnappings involving tourists in Sinai in recent months. In March, two Brazilian tourists were kidnapped along with their tour guide by armed Bedouin. They were released after eight hours.

In February, three South Korean women were kidnapped in Sinai by armed tribesmen. Also in February, two US tourists were kidnapped, again by armed assailants in Sharm El-Sheikh. In all cases, the foreigners were held for a short period of time and released unharmed.

During all incidents, the foreigners were abducted while onboard tour vehicles and were released after negotiations with security officials. The kidnappers usually demand the release of jailed tribesmen in return for the hostages.

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