Brotherhood spokesman Ghozlan condemns Shafiq's comments

Ahram Online, Sunday 3 Jun 2012

Mohamed Ghozlan responds to Ahmed Shafiq's attack on the Muslim Brotherhood, saying Egyptians are all too aware of Shafiq's true colours

Mohamed Ghozlan, spokesman of the Muslim Brotherhood, has described Ahmed Shafiq's attack on the group during a press conference Sunday afternoon as slanderous and a mere attempt by Shafiq to deny his loyalty to the ousted Mubarak regime.

During the press conference, Shafiq threw in a number of attacks on the Muslim Brotherhood. The ex-prime minister accused the group of being part of the old regime and claimed that the Muslim Brotherhood was the first to compromise the rights of the martyrs by asking their families to accept blood money instead of justice.

Ghozlan clarified the issue of "blood money" in his response by saying that accepting money doesn't mean compromise on a just penalty.

Ghozlan denied Shafiq's claim that the Muslim Brotherhood represents sectarianism, saying that any group or movement unites on a common ideology, as is the case for any political party.

Shafiq went further to accuse the Muslim Brotherhood of abusing the media. Ghozlan commented that this charge is an attempt of Shafiq to incite the media against the Brotherhood, just like he tried to do with peasants, women and Copts.

"Everyone knows who Shafiq is," said Ghozlan.

Mohamed Morsi and Ahmed Shafiq, Mubarak's last prime minister, are set to faceoff in the runoffs of Egypt's presidential elections, which will take place 16-17 June.

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