Hundreds of judges accuse MPs of insulting Egypt's judiciary

Ahram Online, Saturday 9 Jun 2012

Complaints are set to be sent to the public prosecutor as hundreds of judges accuse MPs of defaming the judiciary

Egy Parliament
Members of the Parliament accused of insulting Egypt's Judiciary (Photo: Reuters)

According to the Middle East News Agency, hundreds of members of the public prosecution and judiciary have filed complaints with the Judges' Club, in due course to be sent to the public prosecutor, against a number of parliamentarians for allegedly insulting and smearing the Egyptian judiciary.

The complaints call for legal action to be taken against concerns MPs to establish that no one is above the law and that their parliamentary immunity is a responsibility that shouldn't be abused or used as camouflage for those who seek to manipulate affairs in the country.

The Judges' Club in Aswan confirmed that it is following closely the matter, demanding that the response of judges should not only verbal but legal. Members of the Aswan branch praised Judges' Club head Ahmed El-Zend who in a press conference Thursday vigorously attacked the parliament.

Also condemning the attacks on the judiciary, 69 parliamentarians issued a statement in which they underlined the role of the Egyptian judiciary and that it has always worked to establish justice.

Parliament Speaker Saad El-Katatni said during a press conference Saturday morning that parliament was but reflecting in its comments the mood of Egypt, adding that parliament has never and would never interfere in judicial matters.

El-Katatni condemned the attack of El-Zend on parliament, stating that it came as a shock to most MPs that El-Zend threatened to ignore laws issued by the current parliament.

Saturday's press conference came in the wake of serious criticism by parliament of the Cairo Criminal Court’s handling of the Mubarak trial, which saw the Mubaraks acquitted of corruption charges and Habib Al-Adly’s former top aides acquitted of the murder of protesters in the January 25 Revolution.

On 4 June 2012, the People’s Assembly changed its agenda to discuss the trial of Mubarak and Al-Adly aides. MPs launched scathing attacks on the judiciary, accusing judges of caving in to pressure and the interference of the executive power.

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