Egypt's parliament to grant art-centric syndicates judicial powers to crack down on 'substandard artists'

Gamal Essam El-Din , Monday 29 Nov 2021

The Egyptian House of Representatives’ Culture and Media Committee approved an amendment granting the Union of Syndicates of Acting, Cinema, and Musical Professions the judicial right to crack down on “substandard singers” and punish those who exercise the profession of acting without a license.

The meeting of Egypt s House of Representatives Culture and Media Committee with the heads of the head of the Syndicate of Musicians, and Ashraf Zaki, head of the Syndicate of Actors, on Sunday evening in Cairo (Photo: Egypt s House of Representatives)

The approval came after a meeting with Hani Shaker, Egypt’s popular singer and head of the Syndicate of Musicians; and Ashraf Zaki, the head of the Syndicate of Actors, on Sunday evening.

Dorya Sharaf El-Din, the head of the Culture and Media Committee, said it was agreed that article 70 of the law (law 35/1978) would be amended to grant the Syndicates of Acting, Cinema, and Musical Professions judicial powers to help them implement the law and crack down on those who exercise these professions without a license.

Shaker said the amendment of article 70 is necessary in order to crack down on substandard songs, specifically Mahragant songs.

“These songs are rubbish and cause a lot of damage to society,” said Shaker.

Shaker decided last week to blacklist 19 Mahragant artists, banning them from signing in public venues, hotels, tourist villages, and festivals.

He said that these artists should first seek the membership of the Syndicate of Musicians in order to be officially licensed to sing in public venues.

Zaki warned that if the three syndicates lost their judicial powers, they would be unable to stand up to the substandard and indecent practices that have caused a lot of disgust in recent months.

The amended law also states that “those who work in the field of singing and acting without a license from the concerned syndicates will be forced to pay a EGP 20,000 fine and that repeat offenders would pay a EGP 100,000 fine.”

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