Egypt's ElBaradei blasts 'unrepresentative' constitutional assembly

Ahram Online, Tuesday 12 Jun 2012

Reformer Mohamed ElBaradei says constituent assembly in current form fails to represent all Egyptians, warns that constitution-drafting body will 'bury revolution'

ElBaradei expresses concern on his Twitter account over the current CA (Photo: Reuters)

Egyptian reform activist Mohamed ElBaradei on Tuesday warned of a constituent assembly – tasked with drafting a new constitution – that "doesn't represent Egyptians," saying that the assembly in its current form would "bury the revolution" and represent "a confiscation of the future."

Speaking on Twitter, ElBaradei went on to vigorously attack Egypt's leading Islamist parties, accusing them of attempting to monopolise the constitution-drafting process.

Negotiations between parties represented in Parliament have dragged on for weeks over the assembly's composition. An agreement was finally reached last week to divide membership in the 100-member assembly evenly between Islamist and non-Islamist forces.

Earlier this year, non-Islamist parties and figures had accused the Muslim Brotherhood and its Islamist allies in Parliament of dominating the first constituent assembly, which included 66 Islamist members elected in March by Egypt's Islamist-led Parliament. Non-Islamist assembly members staged a mass walkout shortly afterward.

In early April, the assembly was formally dissolved following a ruling to this effect by Egypt's Supreme Administrative Court. 

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