SCAF member Mamdouh Shahin to withdraw from constituent assembly

Ahram Online, Wednesday 13 Jun 2012

SCAF member Major Mamdouh Shahin to withdraw from Egypt's constitution-drafting assembly due to lack of consensus on its structure, says official source

Mamdouh Shahin
Major Mamdouh Shahin withdraws from the constituent assembly (Photo: Reuters)

Major Mamdouh Shahin, a member of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, has said he intends to withdraw from the constituent assembly due to the absence of a national consensus on its composition, an official source told Ahram Online Wednesday.

Saad El-Katatni, speaker of the Egyptian Parliament, announced Tuesday the composition of the100-member assembly that will draft the country's first post-revolution constitution.

Fifty-seven MPs reportedly withdrew from Tuesday's joint parliamentary session on the issue in opposition to what they said was the unfair distribution of seats on the assembly to Islamists.

Representatives of the liberal Wafd Party, the Egyptian Blocthe Revolution Continues, the Hurriyah Party, the Socialist Popular Alliance Party, the Egyptian-Arabic Union Party, the Egyptian Citizens' Party and several independents comprise the MPs who withdrew from the session.


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