Egypt constitutional court leaves Shafiq in presidency race, dissolves at least 1/3 of Parliament

Thursday 14 Jun 2012

Constitutional Court rules to annul the election of one third of parliamentary seats, but to keep Mubarak's last prime minister in the presidential race

File photo: Jan. 23, 2012 file photo, members of parliament (Photo: Reuters)

Egypt's High Constitutional Court on Thursday ruled that the Political Disenfranchisement Law, which had been referred to it by the Presidential Elections Commission, was unconstitutional. In the same session, the court found the election of one third of parliamentary seats, reserved for individual candidates, unconstitutional.

As such, the run-off presidential election between former prime minister Ahmed Shafiq and Freedom and Justice Party leader, Mohamed Morsi is to go ahead as planned, with balloting scheduled for Saturday and Sunday. On the other hand, the election of one third of parliamentary seats has been rendered null and void. Parliament is expected to be suspended until new elections are held for these seats.

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