Egypt's parliament approves three laws on renewable energy, university professors, Academy of Arts

Gamal Essam El-Din , Monday 27 Dec 2021

Egypt's parliament approved Monday amending three laws that regulate the Renewable Energy Authority, universities, and the Academy of Arts.

Egyptian parliament
File Photo: The Egyptian parliament during a session. Ahram

The first law states that the Hydroelectric Stations Authority will be phased out and replaced by the Renewable Energy Authority, according to Hossam Awadallah, chairman of the parliament’s energy committee.

"As a result, the assets of the Hydroelectric Authority will be transferred to the Renewable Energy Authority, which will be responsible for implementing all kinds of electric projects in Egypt, including hydroelectric ones, in light of the drop in world prices of renewable energy technology and in a bid to encourage the private sector to play a greater role in generating electricity from renewable energy projects," said Awadallah.

The House also approved amending the law regulating universities, doubling the financial sum granted to professors when they reach retirement age and become emeritus professors.

Chairman of the House's Education Committee Sami Hashem said the objective of the amendment is to legally allow highly-experienced university professors to stay in service as emeritus professors after they reach the retirement age of 60.

"To attain this end, the amendment states that emeritus professors will obtain a financial bonus in addition to their pension salary, which is a good financial package," said Hashem.

MP Amira Abu Shoka said the amended law opens the door for Egyptian universities to seek the service of highly-experienced and gifted professors who reach retirement age.

"The law gives good financial incentive for such professors to stay in service and ensure that they make use of their experience in upgrading educational systems in Egyptian universities," said Abu Shoka.

MPs also gave the thumbs up for a third law regulating the Academy of Arts.

Chairwoman of the House's Culture and Media Committee Doreya Sharafeddin said the law regulating the performance of the Academy of Arts was amended to open the door for members of the academy's teaching board who reach retirement age to stay in service and get a financial bonus plus the pension salary.

"Emeritus professors will have all the financial privileges granted to members of the teaching board, except assuming administrative posts," said Sharafeddin, adding that "the objective of this amendment is to keep highly-experienced professors in service by granting them a generous financial package."

Parliament speaker Hanafi Gibali said the three laws will be put up for a final vote in a later session.

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