Egypt SCAF is now a state above the state: Amr Hamzawy

Ahram Online, Monday 18 Jun 2012

Liberal political figure Amr Hamzawy says Sunday's revised constitutional declaration greatly diminishes role of new president and is a backwards step on the road to full civilian rule

Amr Hamzawy (Photo: Al-Ahram)

Amr Hamzawy, a liberal MP in the now-dissolved People's Assembly, has described the revised addendum to the March 2011 Constitutional Declaration, issued late Sunday by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, as an impediment to the transfer of power from the military to elected politicians.

"[The addendum] means the SCAF has become a state above the state with wide legislative and executive powers, a veto on constitutional and other political matters, and stands immune to any challenges," Hamzawy said via Twitter.

The addendum means the newly elected president will have limited powers, more similar to the symbolic post of prime minister, Hamzawy added.

We are entering a transitional period with no time limit, he noted, and one that is more dangerous than the one we've just experienced.

"We need to use all peaceful means to challenge this dangerous scenario, as it is a national duty and a necessity," Hamzawy concluded.

To read the new addendum to the Constitutional Declaration click here.

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