Egyptian parliament issues report on 2021 achievements

Gamal Essam El-Din , Friday 31 Dec 2021

Egypt’s 596-seat House of Representatives issued a report on Thursday detailing their legislative and supervisory achievements in 2021. The 300-seat Senate also issued ts report.

Egyptian parliament
Speaker Hanafy El-Gebaly leads House session. Photo courtesy of the House of Representatives

The report said the House began its second session on January 2021 by exercising its supervisory powers.

"Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly and 28 cabinet ministers were summoned to the House to review the role of each ministry in implementing the government's policy statement, which was delivered before parliament in 2018," said the report, adding that "the statement won confidence from MPs and was referred to the House's committees for further study."

The report indicated that the House's 25 committees have held 2,287 meetings in 2021, covering 3,061 hours.

"These committees had finished preparing 1,041 reports, 982 of which were discussed by the House in plenary sessions, not to mention that these committees paid field visits to several governorates to assess the needs of citizens," said the report.

In legislative terms, the report said the House passed 178 laws in 2021.

"These laws tackled economic, social, health and security issues," said the report, citing "amending the penal code to toughen penalties on female genital mutilation and bullying crimes, and issuing new laws on sovereign bonds (Sukuk), irrigation and water resources, regulating the private sector's participation in implementing infrastructure and service projects, and fighting epidemics and pandemics."

The report also cited the passage of important laws such as the unified finance law, and those regulating the use of financial technology in non-banking activities, those regulating bankruptcy filings, and the traffic law.

In general, the report said, the House held 81 plenary sessions, covering 350 hours, to discuss legislative and supervisory agendas.

The report said as many 47 foreign agreements aiming to reinforce Egypt's economic cooperation with several world countries were also approved by the House in 2021.

In terms of parliamentary diplomacy, the report indicated that Egypt's House of Representatives has been active in fostering relations with several world parliaments in 2021.

"The House speaker Hanafy El-Gebaly has also paid visits to Hungary, Austria and Spain, and was keen to attend annual meetings of the Inter-Parliamentary Union in Belgium, the Arab Parliament in Cairo and the Union of African Parliaments," said the report.

The Senate – Egypt's 300-seat consultative upper house – also issued a report Thursday, recording the achievements of its first session in 2021.

"In 2021, the Senate has passed 14 laws, the most important of which were on unified finance, unified planning, the rights of senior citizens and the medical emergency fund," said the report, indicating that "in 2021, the Senate has also rejected the amendments to the Thanawyya Amma (high school) law (139/1981) because it places Egyptian families and students under huge financial pressure."

In supervisory terms, the report said the Senate has recommended activating the role of the academy of lawyers, reforming the tax structure regulating transaction operations inside the Egyptian stock market, and identifying the government's policy regarding the negative effects of climate change on Egyptian cities, particularly Alexandria.

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