Egypt Brotherhood organises mass protests Tuesday against constitutional addendum

Ahram Online and MENA, Tuesday 19 Jun 2012

The Muslim Brotherhood announces mass protests against the ruling military's addendum to the constitutional declaration and the High Court's dissolution of parliament

Tahrir Square
File photo 29 July, 2012: Islamists's Friday in Tahrir Square (photo: Mai Shaheen)

The Muslim Brotherhood announce they have organised mass protests for Tuesday in their official objection to the addendums to the Constitutional Declaration issued by Egypt's ruling Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF) late on Sunday night.

The Muslim Brotherhood also rejects the Thursday High Constitutional Court (HCC) ruling to dissolve the parliament that was elected last fall – and where they are the majority party.

"This is against the people's will and the SCAF does not have a genuine intention to hand over power," the Muslim Brotherhood charged in a statement released on Monday.

The SCAF's addendum to the Constitutional Declaration embeds the military's power and lightened the power of Egypt's upcoming president. With the voting wrapping up on Sunday, the military council enacted the addendum late at night after polling stations closed during the runoff elections for the first new president after 30 years of Mubarak rule.

Preliminary vote counting and unofficial reports claim that the Muslim Brotherhood's candidate, Mohamed Morsi, has won the elections over his rival, Ahmed Shafiq. Although the president is officially to be announced on Thursday, Brotherhood members have already celebrated in large numbers at several locations around the country, including the iconic Tahrir Square.

Last Thursday, the HCC declared that the procedures for electing parliament were unconstitutional, which had the effect of dissolving the people's assembly (lower house). The Muslim Brotherhood hold a majority in parliament without even having to put together a coalition. Islamists are their closest allies, and together they all hold 70 per cent.

Aside from the Muslim Brotherhood, the following groups are expected to participate in Tuesday's protests: Al-Jamaa Al-Islamiya's Building and Development Party; the Wasat Party; the Salafist Nour Party; the Egyptian Current Party; the Socialist Popular Alliance; the April 6 Youth Movement (both the Democratic Front and Ahmed Maher front); the National Front for Justice and Democracy; the Revolutionary Socialists; the Popular Committees for the Defence of the Revolution and the Revolutionary Youth Coalition. 

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