Egypt's House of Representatives to discuss draft law on creating 'Tourism and Antiquities Fund'

Gamal Essam El-Din , Sunday 23 Jan 2022

Following a two-week holiday, Egypt's House of Representatives, the lower chamber of parliament, will reconvene on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday to discuss a new legislative agenda.

Tourism and Antiquities Fund
This picture taken on November 25, 2021 shows a general view of the lit-up pylon and remaining obelisk at the entrance of the Temple of Luxor (built around 1400 BC) in Egypt s southern city of the same name. The Luxor temple obelisk s twin is currently at Paris Place de la Concorde. - Egypt on November 25 unveiled in a grandiose night-time ceremony the Rams Road (Tareeq al-Kebbash in Arabic), a 2700-metre-long sandstone-paved path lined with ram-headed statues and sphinxes dating over 3000-years-old connecting the Luxor Temple with the Karnak Temple. Named The Path of God in Ancient Egyptian mythology, its ram statues -- an embodiment of the ancient Egyptian deity Amun -- were buried for centuries under the sand before being revived and restored for display in recent years. AFP

The House's schedule on Sunday includes discussions on a draft law to set up "The Tourism and Antiquities Fund," which aims to merge the existing three funds that finance Nubia's antiquities, national museums and tourism under one entity.

A House report explained that the new fund would finance national projects in the area of restoring antiquities, upgrading Egyptian museums, and promoting the tourism sector.

"The final objective of this law is to conserve the heritage of Egypt's civilisation and keep it intact for the coming generations, and achieve concrete progress in the sector of tourism," said the report.

Sunday's schedule will also encompass discussing a draft law on regulating hotel and tourism establishments.

"The law aims to regulate and facilitate the procedures of licensing tourism and hotel establishments in terms of introducing the "One Window" system, said the report.

"This new system will help boost tourist investments in terms of phasing out bureaucratic obstacles and hence generating more revenues from the tourism sector."

The draft law stipulates that a tourism ministerial committee, headed by the prime minister and including concerned ministers, will be formed to facilitate all procedures related to tourist activities, overcome all obstacles that might stand in the way of promoting tourist investments, and finally raise the competitive edge of Egypt in the area of tourism.

The House will also discuss a draft law that allows the Minister of Finance to guarantee a bank loan for the Company of Arab Union for Land Transport and Tourism (Superject).

The House's agenda this week will also see MPs taking a final vote on three draft laws that were discussed and approved in principle over the past weeks. These are the General Unified Finance Law, the State's General Planning Law and the law of merging the fund on improving Egyptian cottons into the Cotton Research Institute related to the Agricultural Research Centre.

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