We will respect election results: Brotherhood's Ghozlan

Ahram Online, Saturday 23 Jun 2012

Muslim Brotherhood spokesmen affirms that group will respect results of presidential runoff, claiming that winner is already known

Muslim Brotherhood's spokesman Mohamed Ghozlan (Photo: AP)

Mohamed Ghozlan, spokesman of the Muslim Brotherhood, spoke Saturday about Egypt's presidential elections while on a visit to Beirut, claiming that the results of the second round runoff is "already known."

Preliminary results published by the Muslim Brotherhood put Mohamed Morsi, the Brotherhood's candidate, in the lead with almost 52 per cent of the vote.

Morsi faced former prime minister Ahmed Shafiq in the run-off.

Ghozlan confirmed that the group will respect any result, due to be announced tomorrow at 3pm, adding that, "the people have what it takes to defend their own free will."

A number of newspapers have accused the Muslim Brotherhood of cooking up an aggressive reaction in case their candidate loses. Al-Dostor newspaper went as far as claiming that the group was planning "the massacre of the century."

Islamist groups along with revolutionary movements called for a million-man march Friday to protest what is seen as SCAF's interference in the democratic transition.

Ghozlan underlined that all such protests are peaceful.

On Thursday, the Muslim Brotherhood's second in command, Khairat El-Shater, expressed his concern on the timing of rumours about the reported death of ousted president Hosni Mubarak, claiming that such rumours pave the way for the presidential post to go fraudulently to Shafiq.

Ghozlan denied all reports of a deal between the Brotherhood and the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces that would facilitate a Morsi win.

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