Egypt extends stay of stranded Ukrainian tourists, other nationals affected by the Russian invasion

Zeinab El-Gundy , Thursday 24 Feb 2022

Egypt's Tourism and Antiquities Ministry asserted on Thursday that all tourists from countries affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine are welcome to proceed with their stay at Egyptian hotels until their safe return to their countries.

Tourists on Egypt s Shores
Tourists on Egypt s Shores

In a meeting held in Cairo, Minister Khaled Anani discussed the recent developments following the temporary closure of the Ukraine’s airspace as well as the impact of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis on Egypt’s tourism.

Egypt’s Hotel Association has already issued on Thursday a directive to all hotels in the country to assert on extending the stay of Ukrainian and Russian tourists in Egyptian hotels after the end of their trip till their return to their countries.

The hotels were instructed to provide all the facilities for the tourists till finding a possible solution to their return to their countries.

Earlier, South Sinai Hotels Chamber issued a statement to the general managers of hotels in Sharm El-Sheikh to extend the stay of the Ukrainian tourists especially those who returned from the airport and currently stranded in the country.

The chamber told the general managers to present all needed assistance to them and not to let any tourist to leave any hotel.

The statement of the chamber also asked the officials of the Sharm El-Sheikh hotels to deal carefully between the Ukrainian and Russian tourists.

The Embassy of Ukraine shared the directive statements of both Egyptian Hotel Association and South Sinai Hotel Chambers on its official Facebook page telling the stranded tourists to use those statements if necessary, in their hotels.

The Embassy of Ukraine in Egypt already announced that it was cooperating with officials and tour operators to aid Ukrainian tourists who are forced to stay in Egypt due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the temporary closure of the country’s airspace.

The embassy revealed that they were searching for possible routes of entry to Ukraine through Poland, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary.  

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry announced earlier that due to the temporarily closure of Ukraine airspace for civil aviation, Ukrainian citizens abroad are recommended to stay in place of temporary residence, follow further development of events , register in the electronic system “TRUG” and to maintain contact with Ukrainian embassies and consulates.  

The Ukrainian embassy in Cairo shared the statement of its Ministry of Foreign Affairs as its official Facebook pages has been flooded with comments of stranded Ukrainian tourists who do not know what is next for them or for their country.

Egypt is among the top destinations for Ukrainians with about 1.5 million visiting Egypt in 2019.

In spite of the coronavirus pandemic, almost 727,100 Ukrainian tourists visited Egypt during 2020.

Ukrainian flights to Egypt suspended for time being

Head of Egypt’s National Company for Air Navigation Ihab Mohi El-Din revealed on Thursday in media statements that early morning before Ukraine closed its airspace, Sharm El-Sheikh and Hurghada airports received five flights carrying hundreds of tourists.

Mohi El-Din added that Sharm El-Sheikh International Airport received four flights while Hurghada received one flights.

Sources told Ahram Gate that Sharm El-Sheikh International Airport received two “Sky Up Airlines” flights from Kiev airport and one Sky Up Airlines” flight from Lviv airport.

The South Sinai airport also received a Windrose airlines flight from Lviv airport.

Hurghada Airport received a “Ukraine International airlines” flight from Kiev airport.

Meanwhile the Ukrainian authorities informed the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority that all the charter flights to both airports have been cancelled. Sources at the Egyptian Civil Aviation Ministry told Ahram Arabic website that more than 20 charter flights have been cancelled including 10 flights to Sharm El-Sheikh.

On the other hand, sources told Ahram that EgyptAir decided to cancel its flight to Moscow on Thursday due to the current events whereas the Russian flights to Egypt especially to Sharm El-Sheikh and Hurghada airports have not been affected.

If you are tourist and need help , you can call Egypt’s 24/7 Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities’ hotline in English, Russian and Ukranian is : 19654


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