Egyptian journalist Salma El-Wardani to be deported from Sudan

Zeinab El Gundy , Tuesday 26 Jun 2012

Bloomberg reporter Salma El-Wardani faces deportation after refusing to stop covering anti-regime protests in Sudanese capital

Salma El-Wardany
Egyptian journalist , Ahram Online Colleague Salma El-Wardany

Bloomberg journalist Salma El-Wardani was expected to be deported from Khartoum, Sudan on Tuesday after being ordered to leave the country by Sudanese authorities. According to her sister and Ahram Online reporter Lina El-Wardani, Salma "was mistreated by Sudanese authorities but not brutalised."

Salma El-Wardani, a 25-year-old business journalist who has worked for Bloomberg in Khartoum for the past year, was barred from journalistic activity after covering a protest in the Sudanese capital last week.

Two days ago, she went to the Sudanese press centre to renew her withdrawn media accreditation, but her application was rejected.

"She was told to renew her accreditation at the security office in Khartoum," her sister said. "When she went to the security office on Monday, Salma was told she could resume working provided she did not cover any more protests."

"She refused, so they asked her to meet a chief officer the following day for his approval," Lina continued. "When she met the officer today, she said he was really aggressive, telling her she was not welcome in the country. He wanted to deport her right away, without even giving her a chance to collect her personal effects."

"She was eventually allowed to go back home to get her belongings," her sister said. "Shortly afterwards, she was escorted to the airport by diplomats and security officers from the Egyptian embassy."    

El-Wardani was initially detained on 21 June for seven hours by Sudanese security personnel while covering a protest against the ruling regime held by students at the University of Khartoum.

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