Egypt condemns Houthi attack on economic and civil facilities in Saudi Arabia

Ahram Online , Sunday 20 Mar 2022

Egypt condemned on Sunday the latest attack perpetrated by Yemeni Houthi militias against a number of economic and civil facilities in Saudi Arabia that caused material damage earlier in the day.

File Photo: Egyptian Foreign Ministry building. Al-Ahram

Several drones and ballistic missiles were launched at energy and water desalination facilities, homes, and vehicles in the kingdom. No injuries or fatalities were reported, however.

An official statement by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Egypt condemns “in the strongest terms” the continued attacks by the Houthis against Saudi Arabia.

The foreign ministry affirmed that the attack represents “a major” escalation, “a direct threat” to the security and sovereignty of the kingdom, and “a flagrant” violation of the principles and rules of international law.

The statement also reaffirmed “the close link between the security and stability of the two brotherly countries,” stressing Egypt’s solidarity with Saudi Arabia in all measures it is taking to “confront continued cowardly antagonistic actions.”

The Houthis have been launching missiles at Saudi Arabia for almost seven years since a Saudi-led coalition that includes the UAE intervened in the Yemeni civil war to fight the militia. Several attacks were launched as well on the UAE.

Saudi Arabia has been involved in Yemen’s civil war since 2015, fighting against the Houthis, who overran the capital of Sanaa and ousted the internationally recognised government from power.

Egypt has repeatedly expressed its support to the unity of Yemen’s territory, condemning the use of the country as a launching pad for attacks against Saudi Arabia.

Furthermore, Egypt recently supported a UN Security Council resolution that aims to expand an arms embargo on Yemen’s Houthi militias in the hopes of putting a stop to Houthi attacks and facilitating the delivery of humanitarian aid to civilians in Yemen.

The Security Council had already imposed an asset freeze, travel ban, and arms embargo against Houthi leaders and top officials, but the latest resolution dramatically expands the arms embargo to include all Houthis, which the council says have threatened the peace, security, and stability of the war-torn country.

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