Egypt Revolution's Board of Trustees calls for a million-man protest

Ahram Online, Wednesday 27 Jun 2012

Tahrir Square to see another million-man protest on Friday to call for a complete transfer of power from SCAF to the newly elected president

The Revolution’s Board of Trusteescalled for a million-man protests on Friday as pressure for what they call the complete transfer of power from SCAF to the newly elected president.

Recently, the Muslim Brotherhood candidate, Mohamed Mursi, won the elections and became Egypt’s first non-military president. Yet SCAF had recently issued a constitutional addendum giving it power over the president.

The Secretary General of the Revolution’s Board of Trustees, Safwat Hegazy, called on political forces to continue their sit-in at Tahrir Square till the amendment is repealed, together with the decision to dissolve parliament, and until the release of all political detainees, promising no interference in the constitution drafting committee and that SCAF should take its hands off the political scene.

Members of Muslim Brotherhood along with other revolutionary figures have been protesting in Tahrir Square for eight days, with the exact number of protesters fluctuating. 

The Revolution’s Board of Trustees is a group who gathered in the aftermath of the January 25 revolution, and several revolutionary figures became members of the group.


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