Egypt’s Parliament to discuss balance sheet of FY2020/21’s budget, new law on air safety, six foreign agreements

Gamal Essam El-Din , Saturday 16 Apr 2022

Egypt’s lower house of Parliament — the House of Representatives — will reconvene on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday to discuss a new agenda packed with financial and budgetary issues.

House of Representatives
File photo: Egypt s House of Representatives.

On Sunday, the House will discuss reports on six foreign agreements, the most important of which is one between Egypt and African Sahel and sub-Saharan countries on fighting terrorism.

A report by the House’s Defence and National Security Committee said the agreement is related to setting up the headquarters of the anti-terrorism coordination centre between Egypt and partner countries.

The report also said the agreement will help exchange information and coordinate military cooperation between Egypt and its African allies with the objective of stemming the spread of terrorist movements in the region.

The other agreements include a €15 million loan offered by the Federal Republic of Germany to rehabilitate a number of Egyptian hydroelectric power generation stations, a €250 million loan offered by the European Bank for Development and Reconstruction for building an underground metro network in Alexandria, and a a US grant that will be provided to stimulate the flow of investment and trade into Egypt.

The House’s agenda also includes an additional two foreign agreements, the first of which aims to raise the capital of the African Development Bank and Egypt’s contribution to this capital. The second is an agreement between Egypt and France aiming to set up a technical cooperation project on implementing Egypt’s new comprehensive health insurance system.

The House’s agenda on Sunday will also encompass discussing a law on establishing the National Centre for Airfield Management. 

A report by the House’s Transportation Committee said the government-drafted law aims to improve the country’s air transportation services, improve air safety, and achieve the optimal use of Egypt’s air field to achieve the national objectives of development and protect national security at the same time.

Furthermore, on Monday and Tuesday, the House will discuss the balance sheet of the country’s FY2020/21 budget. The discussion will also entail the balance sheets of the Ministries of Finance and Justice, along with the balance sheets of 53 national economic organisations and the National Organisation for Military Production.

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