Registration for Egypt’s national dialogue opens Friday

Gamal Essam El-Din , Saturday 14 May 2022

​Egypt’s National Youth Conference (NYC), which is in charge of organising a national dialogue on the country’s political and economic priorities in the coming stage, announced in a statement on Friday that the door for registration in the proposed political dialogue is now open.

The National Training Academy (NTA)

The NYC said those wishing to participate in the dialogue can register through its website

The NYC’s statement said: “Upon the orders of President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi during the Egyptian Family Iftar (‘Ramadan Banquet’), the NYC was tasked with organising a national conference on the political and economic priorities of the coming stage.”

Wishful participants will have to fill a registration form in which they have to provide their full name, national ID number, contact information, governorate they reside in, and — if applicable — the name of their political party.

Wishful participants should also explain why they would like to join the proposed national dialogue.

In a banquet held during the holy month of Ramadan on 26 April, El-Sisi called for a national dialogue on the country’s political and economic priorities in the coming period.

The dialogue, which aims to help crystallise a new social contract, has been welcomed by political forces, civil society organisations, research centres, and business associations.

The National Training Academy — which organises the NYC — said in a statement on 10 May that it will organise the political dialogue with all forces “without exception or discrimination” and will open the door for registration to this dialogue very soon.

The statement said the academy’s role will be limited to coordination with all participants without imposing on the agenda of discussion to open the door for this dialogue to be serious, effective, and inclusive of all forces.

The statement added that the political dialogue is an important step in setting the nation’s priorities in the coming period and paving the way for the launch of the new republic.  

The statement clarified that the dialogue will be held in most parts of Egypt to ensure diversity. The academy also revealed that a joint committee comprising representatives from research centres and think tanks will be formed to collect the recommendations made during the political dialogue and combine them in a unified official document that will be finally presented to the president, who promised that he would attend the final session of the dialogue.

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